frequently asked questions


As a member of Dawn Patrol BVC, am I allowed to participate in tournaments outside of those provided by the club?

       Yes, members are allowed to participate in any tournament they choose.  Members will be encouraged to participate in more than the tournaments Dawn Patrol BVC provides, including regional, national, and open level tournaments.

I don't  understand the difference between the products you offer. Which one is right for me?

        Our Club is for players who are looking to compete in beach volleyball tournaments and for those wishing to pursue beach volleyball in college. Athletes can expect high level training twice a week.

       Our Clinic is designed for players of all abilities, and will be one night of training per week.  Athletes looking to improve their skill for indoors and who aren't sure they want to commit a full summer of training to the beach will be greatly served in this program. 

       Our Camp is also geared to players of all abilities.  Courts are grouped by age and ability and emphasize a half day of training and an afternoon of playing. It is an action packed week full of repetitions and fun competition. 

I still don't understand!

       Email us here and we will be glad to answer any questions further.