Welcome to Long Island's Premier Beach Volleyball Club



       Dawn Patrol is a Volleyball adventure started with just two goals in mind. First and foremost, to provide each athlete with an experience that will improve them in every way on and off the court. Secondly, we seek to improve the overall quality of volleyball on Long Island regardless of the playing surface.  Our highly successful first club year saw our athletes achieve an incredible level of growth and improvement, returning to their indoor gyms quicker, stronger, and playing with passion. We provide instruction for everyone regardless of level, and are equally as proud of our athletes who make their middle school teams as our athlete who received a full scholarship to play beach volleyball. 


      At Dawn Patrol, we are process oriented.  Our training style incorporates elements from the training done by the highest level athletes in our sport.  We remember to enjoy the journey and the climb up emphasizing a love your life or change it attitude. We endeavor to embody the highest level of passion in everything we do.  We love to train hard, we love to play hard, and we love to give back.  


All of our training and teaching is focused on the sport of 2 on 2 beach volleyball.  It is the most demanding and probably most rewarding form of volleyball.  A weak skill will quickly be exploited by opponents, demanding that athletes improve all aspects of their game.  Every player plays every point of every match, becoming a libero, middle blocker, outside hitter, and setter all in the course of a single rally. Covering an entire court will dramatically improve an athletes agility, quickness, and ability to read the game.  Our goal is to teach all of our athletes the joys of playing the game the way it is meant to be played, and our athletes will see their same playing style utilized when they watch their heroes play for gold in Rio, compete professionally or even practice down the beach.


Whoever you are and whatever your goals may be, we are confident we can help you get there.  Come see us in the sand and take part in the best sport and lifestyle in the world. 


In case you were wondering:

Dawn Patrol takes its name from a group of dedicated athletes rising with the sun, and taking to the sands of National Beach to relentlessly pursue one thing, getting better.  The sessions were intense with competitors helping each other, pushing each other, and even sharing a few laughs (at each others expense)   The spirit of these "do whatever it takes sunrise sessions" and their founding fathers lives on in Dawn Patrol VB.  And you can still catch an intense training session if you're around Edwards Blvd  at 6am.